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TRON: Legacy

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Sam Flynn, the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn, looks into his father’s disappearance and finds himself pulled into the same world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for 25 years. Along with Kevin’s loyal confidant, father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe that has become far more advanced and exceedingly dangerous.
Also Known As:
Tron 2
Tron 2.0
Tron II
Tron Two
Production Status:     In Production/Awaiting Release
Logline:     An ambitious hacker transports himself into cyberspace to pull off the ultimate hack.
Genres:     Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Sequel
Release Date:     December 17th, 2010 (wide)
Distributors: Walt Disney Studios Distribution
Production Co.: LivePlanet, Idealogy, Inc., Grid Productions
Studios: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures
Produced in:     United States

IMDB User Reviws:

Author: chrismsawin from United States
TRON: Legacy has been one of the most promoted films of the year. With a monstrous budget (around $200 million) and reports saying that Disney is worried that the film isn’t tracking as well as they’d hoped, the initial thought process from these rumors is that the TRON sequel will open to a disappointing first place weekend much like the most recent Chronicles of Narnia film. As of this writing, I haven’t gotten around to seeing the original film. I wanted to, but thanks to Disney it was pretty much pulled from every retail store imaginable whether you wanted to rent or purchase the film at least until next year. The urge to see TRON: Legacy didn’t really sink in until around the time the third trailer was released. While the Daft Punk score has interested me from the beginning, TRON: Legacy just seemed like another overrated piece of eye candy that fan boys were getting excited about. The thing about first impressions though is that they always have the opportunity to be wrong. The glorified TRON sequel is getting a lot of mixed reviews from most movie critics. The problem seems to lie within the way the film is written and its screenplay. To tell the truth, you don’t see a movie like this for a great story alone. The special effects are the main attraction and boy, do they deliver. The way programs disintegrate when they’re disposed of, the light cycle battles, airborne chases, and the many fight sequences in the film are just a small example of the dazzling display of some of the most exceptional and impressive special effects ever seen in a cinematic feature. As with most films that have been presented in 3D lately, the 3D effect probably isn’t necessary to enjoy a film of this magnitude. It’ll be just as entertaining if you save yourself the extra $4 and see it in a conventional theater. The writing didn’t seem as bothersome as much as other reports say. It certainly wasn’t the best, but it seemed like enough to add just the right amount of depth to TRON: Legacy and give it more of a background than most films revolving around spectacular special effects. There were a few lines that bothered me. The main one being when Alan first visits Sam and Sam says something about his father probably either being dead or chilling in Costa Rica…or both. Wait, what? It just gives you this Weekend at Bernie’s flashback with Bernie being replaced with Kevin Flynn’s limp carcass. Some of the lines Jeff Bridges muttered just made him seem way too much like The Dude from The Big Lebowski, which seems awesome but really has no place in the TRON universe. Saying things like, “Check this out,” or, “Radical, man,” followed by that stoner laugh of his really didn’t help matters much. The weak points of the way the film is written are rectified with the way the film never lets your attention out of its choke-hold. You’ll be drawn to the screen the entire film; that’s practically a guarantee. The right mindset for a film like this can make or break your opinion of the film. If you don’t have inflated expectations and don’t expect much more than impressive special effects, then you’ll probably walk away pleasantly surprised. I actually had a similar mindset during Avatar, which seemed to also suffer/take advantage of groundbreaking special effects being more consuming than the story and had a similar result. The cast is about as developed as can be expected. The real star of the film is Garrett Hedlund, who does a pretty decent job of carrying the film and being generally astonished that not only was his father alive but the extraordinary world he always talked about actually existed. Jeff Bridges’ performance isn’t nearly as strong as his portrayal of Rooster Cogburn in True Grit, but he does have his moments. He seems to shine during his reunion with Hedlund and his strongest scenes are with Hedlund alone while being rather flat the rest of the time. Olivia Wilde’s Quorra is interesting, as well. There’s an intriguing twist to her character, but her fascination and curiosity revolving around the world Sam is from is what gives her character heart. Michael Sheen did seem a bit too over the top at times as Castor, but that may have been the point. The biggest surprise was seeing Cillian Murphy cameo. Given his strong outings in films like Sunshine, Peacock, and Inception, it just left me wanting to see more of his character in future installments assuming this film does well enough to warrant a sequel (or sequels). TRON: Legacy is certainly the special effects extravaganza it’s been made out to be all year. Its fantastic effects certify the sequel as being the most visually appealing film of the year. While the writing of the film isn’t quite as polished as the special effects, there certainly seems to be a good enough balance to keep the film afloat and deliver an extremely entertaining way to kill two hours. As far as eye candy goes, TRON: Legacy is an incredible and all around awesome experience.

Author: drakula2005 from Bulgaria
I must begin with the explanation of why i’m giving the full note to the movie-i wasn’t the biggest fan of the original Tron (1982) when i saw it, and even though i didn’t expect much from the sequel, i was eager to see it, because i am a fan, a huge admirer of Olivia Wilde’s and because the timeframe reminded me of another movie, i wasn’t so keen to see, last year.A movie, which then turned out to be one of the fullest movies of the year-full of both heart and soul.I even saw it the same day-on the 19-th last year.And i said to myself, there were too many things alike, such as the fact i saw Legacy’s trailer at the teather, just before the beginning of Avatar-too many things to throw away such an opportunity. So today i went, and i was totally blown away by, by almost everything.I guess that’s what happens when you see a movie you didn’t expect to be something special, but that wasn’t the case.The experience itself was special-and not in terms in time and date and likeness but in terms of quality.The costumes, the effects, the music, the tone of the movie were special. The actors were the thing i actually wanted to be a little better.I always felt strange, seeing a Jeff Bridges movie-he clearly can act and is a great actor, but i don’t like his style very much.I quite expected he would be the show-stealing actor, but i was wrong.It was the beautiful and stunning Olivia Wilde.I am a fan of hers and i always knew she is a great actress with huge potential, but was sad, so to say, by the fact she was great in TV-shows mostly-in House or the O.C. she’s great, and now she put that passion in a big project so her talent can be visible for audiences around the world.She has great looks and is a skillfull actress.Only by the look of her eyes i felt what she feels, and that’s very important.The bond, the connection with the people, ordinary people in the audience like me was so real and was what left us wanting for more even from other movies.She did that, a thing only a handful of people can do.That’s what makes her such important for the movie.I know it sounds cliché but she is really the only woman for this role.No one else could’ve done it better.Garrett Hedlund, or Sam, was also interesting to see-a fact, i didn’t see from the trailers-he has potential and he showed that in the movie.And i forgot to check who played Zuse, but i’m sure it was Michael Sheen, because only he is so crazy and unique in his style.He brought brilliancy and sheer entertainment in his role, it was something great to see. When we talk about the people behind the movie, we must pay a huge credit of the rookie director Joseph Kosinski.Disney made another brilliant gambling move, that’s paying off.The man knows what he’s doing and the studio was aware of that fact.I’m paying a huge debt to him for the effects as well, because he works with computer generated imagery, also a specialty of his.It will be an interesting thing, to follow his upcoming career moves and projects-he’ll become a big face, i’m sure of that. All in all production and effects were great, some fresh faces were introduced and some-rediscovered in this one-hell-of-a-ride sequel, which will stand in mind for a long time to come.Avatar and Tron formed a Christmas movie-going tradition, that one only could hope continues the next year and the one afterwards(a little bit like Saw & PA’s Halloween traditions).We, moviegoers, can only hope for things to continue in this direction, because you’ve brought warmth to this moviegoer’s heart during winter-time.I hope people like Joseph Kosinski and Garrett Hedlund continue develop, Jeff Bridges to keep making strange, but otherwise captivating roles, and last but not least, Olivia Wilde to progress, because, she’s not just another beautiful face, but a mesmerizing actress as well, who can heaten up a fan’s heart and a woman with such skills, suitable for both the big screen and TV-such diversity is rare to see these days.She’s something special.I know i’m not objective, but this must and is visible for many people i know and is now visible for everyone.So, all the best for her, and all the cast and crew behind the movie. Because you made one hell of a movie.The new Christmas movie-going tradition is here.And cheers for it.Cheers for “Tron : Legacy” My grade:A deserved 10/10

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