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Love and Other Drugs

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A humorous expose of the highly competitive and cutthroat world of pharmaceuticals. An ambitious college grad schmoozes doctors, nurses, hospitals and begins a relationship with a woman suffering from Parkinson’s, all while competing against other salesmen who trying to push their brand of drugs.
Also Known As: Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman Pharma
Production Status:     In Production/Awaiting Release
Genres:     Comedy and Adaptation
Release Date:     November 24th, 2010 (wide)
Production Co.: Stuber Pictures, New Regency Productions, Bedford Falls Company
Studios: Fox 2000
Filming Locations: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Produced in:     United States

IMDB Users Reviews:

Author: Bobby Myers from St. Louis

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway deliver inspiring, charismatic and dimensional performances in Edward Zwick’s latest directorial venture. The film, like the performances, arcs from shallow objectives and arguably questionable behaviors to capturing the essence of love. It’s the classic tale of boy meets girl except as Maggie (Hathaway) puts it, “…this isn’t about connection for you, this isn’t even about sex for you. This is about finding and hour or two of relief from the pain of being you, and that’s fine with me because all I want’s the exact same thing.” Maggie’s quote is perhaps the single most foreshadowing moment that will cause their parallel paths to intersect, putting forth a moving story of human compassion and love. Jamie (Gyllenhaal) is intent on becoming the most successful sales rep for the pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer. His aspirations are simple; sex, the Viagra account, and getting to Chicago. Maggie’s objectives are a bit different. While she too is intent on the escapism she finds in sex, it’s subtly presented that her goal is to be an artist – a goal that may be no longer achievable. What transpires is a character arc for each person and the realization that meaningless sex may have led to the ultimate human goals of companionship and love.

‘Love and Other Drugs’ is a nicely told story that keeps you laughing and hoping but will ultimately leave a tear in your eye. It exudes, to perfection, human emotion and leaves you feeling the reality of the situation and of each character, while doing its best to present a diagnosis with antidepressants and Viagra. It’s cinematically beautiful and nicely paced to deliver a stand-out film containing all the chemistry Gyllenhaal and Hathaway had in years prior while filming ‘Brokeback Mountain’. Acting is where the film garners much of its success through beautiful nuances, flawless delivery and strong eye contact. It leaves you hoping for the future, of both Maggie and Jamie and of a reuniting of Gyllenhaal and Hathaway.

Grade: A+

Author: vday_now from United States

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The acting of Jake and Anne are excellent portrayals of two characters who each have significant personal issues that prevent them from finding fulfillment in love; that is until they meet each other. The story centers around Jamie’s overwhelming desire to hide his insecurity of self worth by being an overachiever in his work and social skills. Whereas Maggie’s incurable Parkinson’s disease, with it’s progressive lifestyle deterioration, causes her to protect herself from those who would pity her or not be able to carry the burden of the support she will ultimately need.

The story presents these two characters with extreme passion for life and sexual prowess, that at first hides their personal issues from each other, but which also increases the desires of both to connect more fully with the other. The juxtaposition of these two very intelligent and talented characters makes for an intriguing portrayal for their discovery of love for each other.

That desire is largely manifest by Jake’s character (Jamie Randall) in that Maggie makes him desire to be a better person thru her insightful understanding of his weaknesses, yet her total acceptance of him. Ironically this insight makes her feel less threatened by Jamie, yet very concerned about letting Jamie see her trials with Parkinson’s disease.

I found this story to be completely engaging and well performed by all the actors and the director. This is an intelligent film and should be recognized for its achievement as such.

Author: Mileykis Rivera

Hipocrits the people who are “offended” by the nudity. Omg we all are adults here and this movie really express our feelings. Sex is a good way of expressing ourselves. In this movie is use like refuge in Ann role’s. The fear of not be able to do something and performance because of Parkinson take Ann to a sexual travel. She can feel capable of doing something. THIS movie show us the real love; sacrifice for others also sacrifice for ourselves. The story not only develop the fact of Ann helping herself also jimmy growing and learning. I love this movie. Show us a lot of things about life and how love is important in difficult times.

Author: killer1h from United States

I’ve seen some mixed reviews about this movie and then decided it was worth just seeing and turns out this movie is a diamond in the rough. The performances in it are top notch, both Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are so on point it’s scary. The best part of this movie is that it shys away from the traditional boy meets girl, girl falls in love, boy cheats on girl, and girl comes crawling back routine.

The basic movie is jamie(Jake Gyllenhaal) is a sales rep who just lost his job so as a way to make some money he figures he’ll become a drug rep and turns out its not quite as easy as he originally planned, he meets maggie on one of his jobs and it just starts going from there. Without giving too much away it’s definitely a nice trip down what comedy romance dramas are supposed to be like. 10/10 Don’t miss this one.

Author: Anthony Pittore III (Shattered_Wake) from Los Angeles, CA

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway lead a great cast of regulars (including Hank Azaria and Oliver Platt) in ‘Love and Other Drugs,’ the story of a promiscuous and ambitious pharmaceutical salesman (Gyllenhaal) getting his start in the Ohio market with his (and his mentor’s) sights set on the big game in Chicago. His life is turned sideways when he meets the beautiful Maggie (Anne Hathaway), an artist with stage-one Parkinson’s and a growing skepticism for love. Throw in a raunchily pathetic younger brother (Josh Gad), a hilarious sales partner (Oliver Platt), and a violent former Marine (Gabriel Macht) as the #1 competition, and ‘Love and Other Drugs’ quickly becomes one of the funniest films in years.

The film, which is like ‘Up in the Air’ with more humour or ‘(500) Days of Summer’ with less quirk, is fantastically acted by the leads and supporting ensemble of familiar faces. The writing is phenomenal with some of the freshest dialogue and wittiest banter I’ve seen since Howard Hawks’s ‘His Girl Friday.’ The story is also very topical, especially in the days of the fight for healthcare reform. Director Edward Zwick (Glory, Blood Diamond) puts forth one of the best films of his career alongside a list of solid past work, creating some of the most heart-wrenchingly sad and gut-wrenchingly funny cinematic moments in a while. The film is also full of some of the hottest and funniest sex scenes I’ve seen in a long time, so the movie’s humour isn’t all guys will want in this romantic-comedy. Overall, ‘Love and Other Drugs’ is a great variation to the 2010 romantic comedies thus far, giving something worthwhile outside of the typical ‘The Bounty Hounter’-type rom-coms.

Author: sacflyzone from United States

The movie starts out as a generic and even pedestrian romantic comedy and appears to be headed in the typical cliché driven direction but, fortunately, evolves in to something more. Jake Gyllenhaal’s character and his alleged “funny” fat side kick are established almost purposefully as illustrations of what’s wrong with most romantic comedies. It’s Anne Hathaway’s character that is the catalyst for the transformation from two dimensional rom-com to something deeper and more enjoyable. As she is fleshed out (pun intended because the more Anne Hathaway nudity the better) her character forces both Gyllenhaal’s character and the film itself to grow (almost Viagra like). What follows is a deep, sometimes moving and genuinely interesting film. Commentary about battling illness, life and enjoying the moment are all relevant and poignant. Even supporting characters are given moments to shine. Oliver Pratt’s drug rep has a wonderful scene delivered over dinner and there’s even a smart drunken ramble explaining what is wrong with being a doctor and a commentary on the state of the Hippocratic Oath. From an emotionless and even tedious start, this film surprised me and is worth the price of a ticket.

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